My Oils 4 Health – doTERRA oils are more than just nice smelling oils. These oils are so pure they also have therapeutic value and can be used to improve your health naturally.

For $35 you can open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT and purchase at 25% off retail prices. No ongoing obligations. Annual renewal fee is $25 & includes a free essential oil.

Or Join with an Enrolment Kit and the membership fee is waived.

Plus, have the opportunity to get loyalty rewards (earn up to 30% back on your purchases to spend on oils) if you keep up your monthly orders! You will also be eligible to receive the FREE oil of the month!!

We have a great support network including a wonderful private facebook page where you can get tips, answers to any questions, and learn from other oil users. We are here to help each other achieve a better life using what nature intended!


Buy at Wholesale prices now





When you open the page above select your ‘Home Country’ and select either NFR (shipped from USA warehouse) or OTG option (shipped from your Local warehouse).

Then select ‘Join as a new Wellness Advocate’ to open your Wholesale account and save up to 25% off retail prices.

This will give you a Wholesale account with savings of up to 25% off retail prices.  Then just follow the prompts to join and order.


Or CONTACT ME for personalised assistance on how to open an Account and ensure your entitlement to FREE PRODUCT!



Step 1: Select Wellness Advocate. This level of membership will give you the largest discount (25% on all products) but will NOT obligate you in any way to sell or buy.

Step 2:  For the Enroller ID Number & Sponsor ID Number, put in 277087

Step 3: Next, fill out the billing, shipping and contact information forms. Please take the time to check the contact by email. These options will allow me to communicate with you via email.

Step 4: Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box.

Step 5: Read the Virtual Office Usage Agreement and check the box.

Step 6: Order form.

This is where you will see a list of enrollment kits (NFR) or enrollment kits (OTG) available and what’s in them. Click on each kit on the left panel to view each one in detail. The $35 membership is waived with purchase of any kit.

If you do not want a kit and would prefer to order individual items:

  • Select the Introductory Packet from the enrollment kit list. This is your membership fee of $35.
  • To order separate items, use the Optional Form with 5 lines of pull down menu bars.
  • Select your items and select a “quantity”.
  • Select your preferred shipping method.

Step 7:  Loyalty Rewards Order: This is dōTERRA’s monthly Loyalty Rewards Program. If you’d like to set up an order for next month, feel free to do so. You will start out earning 10% back on your purchases to spend on oils, then end up with 30% back at your year anniversary! All you need is a 50 PV monthly order to continue earning rewards, but you get a free product every month if you spend 125 PV and your LRP order process between 1-15th of each month! This is required if you are planning on selling the oils and earning commission checks from dōTERRA (to earn checks, you must maintain 100 PV monthly). The Loyalty Rewards Program is a great way to get an even larger discount on your dōTERRA. Find out more here.

Step 8: Startup Order

  • This is where you will see the order you created.
  •  If you need to make changes simply click the back button.

Step 9: Payment method.  Enter info.

Step 10: Submit.  You will then be given a member number and access to your personalized back office.  At this point, you can set up your own dōTERRA store, if you are interested.  You now have your own account and can re-order product as needed.

Congratulations! And Welcome to the World of Wellness



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